Relationships can be so mind-blowingly incredible, right?

When things are going well in our relationship we feel full of energy. We feel truly loved, understood and appreciated.

We’re savouring ever-deepening layers of delicious intimacy, orgasmic pleasure and epic sex that bring us a sense of aliveness and immense satisfaction in all areas of our lives.

We’re amazed and grateful that we somehow managed to score the best person in the world to be in relationship with.

We’re basically living on a cloud of bliss and it’s amazing.

Yummm… who doesn’t want that all the time!?

Often it’s just not that simple though, is it?

We tell ourselves that the magical-cloud-life can’t last. We’ve got work / kids / financial stress / health issues / stuff to do / businesses to run. We’re tired, exhausted even. Life is demanding.

And as we all know, relationships are not exactly sunsets and rainbows all the time

(kinda different to the movies, right?)

They can also be damn challenging sometimes. Painful. Stressful. Even confusing.

We can slip into patterns of relating where we don’t always see the best in each other and over time things become a bit less, ummm….juicy… than they were at the start.

Even when there’s so much love there, sometimes things in the sex and intimacy department can easily get a bit flat, or routine (or even non-existent!).

So, do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

  • You’re just not that connected lately, especially when it comes to sex and intimacy. It all seems too difficult and well, Netflix is easy!
  • You love each other deeply, but you struggle to prioritise space for your relationship amongst the hustle of your daily grind.
  • To be honest, intimate time together has felt a bit flat & uninspired for a while now. You’ve got your routine and you generally stick to it.
  • You already have great sex (or at least it seems like great sex) but you just know there’s more out there to discover and you’re excited to dive in!
  • You’ve been curious about ‘conscious sexuality’ for a while now, and you’re seeking a way to explore that in a safe space with your partner.

If any of the above reflect your relationship at the moment, we’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.

The Bad News is….

We honestly can’t press a magic button and ‘solve’ all your relationship challenges and make everything ‘perfect’.

Partly because there’s no such thing as perfect, and partly because there is no one-size-fits-all ultimate answer.

And there is definitely no quick-fix just-do-this-and-everything-will-be-awesome kind of thing for relationships (even though some people will try to tell you there is!)

We’re all humans and we all have sh*t to deal with. Also, relationships aren’t meant to be always easy and the truth is that sometimes it’s just going to feel hard, no matter how much random new age spiritual stuff you do or how many books you read about relating.

Ummm yeah… So that’s the bad news.

The Good News is…

We can definitely support you to bring more epic sex, deeper intimacy and mutual appreciation into your relationship.

There are specific tools, approaches and practices that will support you to access this whenever you feel like – and we can share them with you!

We can create a space for you both to go deep together, without all the bazillion distractions of daily life. A place to explore the beautiful landscape of each others bodies in ways you never have before. To remember the reasons why you fell in love in the first place. To offer each other devotional rituals of blissful pleasure and relaxation.

We can guide you to cultivate a sense of aliveness and curiosity in your intimate experiences together… which leads to more connected sex… which leads to all kinds of awesome juju in all areas of your life!

We can promise you that If you prioritise your relationship and dedicate time and resources to go deeper with it, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

So that’s the good news!


The Yoniverse Couples Retreat

4 nights of delicious intimacy, Tantric massage and sensual exploration

Wednesday 15th- Sunday 19th of November 2023


With Elise Savaresse and guest teachers

The beautiful Gymea Eco Retreat Centre at the base of Mount Warning (just inland from Byron Bay) will be our home for 5 days while we delve into a guided journey of delicious intimacy, Tantric massage and sensual exploration. 

The retreat will be facilitated by Elise Savaresse and supported by assistants from our team.

Our last retreats have been INCREDIBLE for everyone involved – and we’re sure this one will be even more epic, as we have added some extra time and practices. We can’t wait to offer it again!

What was so incredible about it, you ask? Well….


  • Taking 5 days just for you and your partner to really relax (no external distractions, nowhere else to be!)
  • Spending 4 nights with your loved one staying in a lush rainforest eco retreat centre!
  • Eating delicious fully catered meals (that’s right, no decisions, cooking or dishes for the while time!)
  • Swimming every day in the most incredible magnesium pool with mountain views (with actual palm trees and mermaid rocks!)
  • Being guided on a delicious intimacy journey with Elise, where she takes care of all the little details…
  • Experiencing the transformational power of breathwork to enliven the body and connect with your vibrancy, release outdated ways of being and take a journey into the subtle realms of your wondrous self
  • Giving and receiving lots of luscious touch and Tantric bodywork (you’ll basically both be just a puddle of relaxation at the end…)
  • Discovering whole new parts of each other that you haven’t met yet and seeing your partner in a completely different light.
  • Awakening the pleasure potential of your body and your sexuality (there’s so much we were never taught!)
  • Experiencing a whole day dedicated to women receiving, and a whole day dedicated to men receiving – lots of time for each of you to surrender to being totally lushed up!
  • Learning Tantric bodywork the real way – through witnessing Live demonstrations for both women and men, being guided through practice sessions and then finding your own flow in our evening rituals.
  • Sharing the retreat with a small group of really high quality couples who are willing to go deeper with their intimacy and relating – realising that we’re all in this together!
  • Spending your last morning at the retreat enjoying the retreat centre’s day spa with your partner – sauna, steam room, magnesium plunge pool and spa (just to get even more relaxed before you leave!)
  • Receiving lots of practices to take home and continue your exploration together, weaving this powerful retreat experience into your intimate life.
  • Going home feeling more alive, juiced up and connected than ever and ready to take on the world… or… just stay home and have lots of epic sex and give each other amazing Tantric massages, either way!


We felt absolutely held and safe. Elise structured the retreat in such a way that we were able to really drop in, building trust within the group and each other with ease, respect and a splash of humour! 

We learnt so much about ourselves, about sex, about our bodies, about love and about really making love! We came away with a new awareness of our deep love for each other. A whole new world of possibilities and ways to connect with each other, to make love with each other. 

The Yoniverse couples retreat is a truly awesome way to invest in your relationship, in your life. It offers something tangible and nourishing to take back home into your daily life to make a real difference.

We were nervous before going because we knew we were stretching ourselves out of our comfort zones, but once we were there, held in the safe space of the retreat, we were able to relax and have such an incredible experience. If you have the opportunity to get to this retreat, go for it!! It will change your life!

~ Kate and Peter, Tasmania, together for 30 years

Learning Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage will be a large component of the retreat – there will be demonstrations, practices and rituals incorporating this beautiful, flowing style of intimate bodywork.

This is one of the most powerful practices we know of – it combines conscious touch, energetic activation, polarity play, moving sexual energy through the body, connecting with the heart and basically worshipping your partner’s whole body (and we mean all of it!). Yummmm!

We’re providing a space for you to go deep with this practice so you feel confident to bring it into your intimate life together (many couples we’ve taught have loved creating time for a weekly massage night!).

Receiving this type of bodywork is like floating on a cloud – feeling tingles all over your body, stress, tension and contraction dissolve and you can drop into a whole new awareness of your body and your sexuality. People say they feel sensations they’ve never experienced before, and they often feel “high” afterwards!

Tantric Massage for Women

For a woman, receiving Yoni massage is an amazing opportunity get to know herself!  A chance to let go of any pleasing and doing, to just receive and be honoured as a woman, to surrender completely and feel her feminine essence.

Many of us have been disrespected at some point in the past, so receiving Tantric massage from a loving partner can be a deeply healing experience.

Yoni (vagina) massage is part of the massage – a very gentle external and internal vaginal massage to release emotional blockages and tensions, sensitise and awaken the whole Yoni (there are many areas to discover beyond the clitoris!) and activate orgasmic potential. It can support the woman to discover new aspects of her sexuality and Yoni, which has a ripple effect on all other areas of her life too!

Tantric Massage for Men

For a man, receiving Tantric massage is often a mind-blowing experience!

It’s a chance to let go of any kind of performance or goal orientation and to just receive, to feel his whole body as a sexual organ – not just the genitals.

It’s all about deeeeeply relaxing and being nurtured by powerful feminine energy.  In this style of Tantric massage, the woman gives the massage using her whole body (including her breasts!) which is a profound experience that can often be quite erotic as well as relaxing and nourishing.

Lingam (penis) massage is part of the massage – a loving and honouring massage of the Lingam and whole genital area to bring more sensation and awareness, relax tension and awaken sexual energy in the whole body.

Over the years, especially with having kids, we’ve had many ups and downs and we could see that we were developing unhealthy habits of behaviour towards each other. We had ‘forgotten’ each other.
With the retreat, we got exactly what we went for!! (And so much more!) We were able to truly “see” the other person again.

We were given the tools and information to give us confidence in how to express love to each other in an authentic and genuine way… despite what is going on in the world around us.

What is Included in the Couples Retreat?

Private accommodation at Gymea Eco Retreat Centre in the tropical hinterland of Byron Bay for 3 nights

  • Fully catered meals and delicious snacks throughout the retreat
  • 5 days of experienced facilitation with Elise and guest teachers
  • A series of guided intimate and sensual explorations with your partner
  • A 3 hour group session of breathwork- a gentle yet powerful journey to discover the potential of your breath 
  • 2 live demonstrations of Tantric Massage (one for women, one for men)
  • 2 guided sessions of giving or receiving Tantric Massage (with Yoni or Lingam massage)
  • 3 beautiful candle-lit evening rituals of deeper connection with your partner
  • A lushed up ‘nest’ space for you and your partner for the whole journey with everything provided (your own mattress, sheets, massage oils, etc)
  • Your own sensual boudoir box with toys to take home and continue playing with
  • 24 hour access to the beautiful magnesium pool
  • Access to the day spa on the last morning for a suuuuuper relaxing time
  • The support of experienced assistants throughout the retreat
  • Other awesome secret surprises…

Still interested to join us?


The retreat goes for 5 days and 4 nights –

Wednesday 15th to Sunday 19th of November 2023



Early Bird: $5950 ends on the 31st of August 2023

Full Price: $6450

Or Payment Plan:

Deposit of $1500 per couple

or 4 payments of $1200 (Early bird)

or 4 payments of $1350 (Full Price)

(Note: with the payment plan option, all payments must be completed before the retreat)

We both felt a lot of resistance to the idea of the retreat initially… but once the seed was sown, it was hard to walk away from. We believe the retreat was worth years of marriage counselling!! And the very best thing we could’ve done for each other, for our marriage and for our family. Feel the resistance, then take the leap!

Bookings and Enquiries

We want to keep this retreat super intimate, so we’re only taking 10 couples…

(and some have even booked in before we released this!)

This retreat will definitely book out waaaay in advance, so if you’re feeling at all interested in joining us, please arrange a chat with us below. We don’t take bookings for this retreat without speaking with you briefly to make sure that it feels right for you both, etc. We’ll be in touch soon to talk details and answer any questions you may have!.

To schedule a short chat with Elise click here.


Your Facilitators…

Elise Savaresse

Elise is a Conscious Sexuality, Pleasure and Embodiment Coach and speaker. She is the creatress of The Self Pleasure Revolution and is passionate about supporting women to let go of any feeling of fear, guilt and shame around their sexuality and to connect to the spiritual experience that love making offers. She supports women expanding their perspective and experience through her online programs, Yoni massage, Private Coaching and Workshops.

Also be sure to put your email on our list to get our free e-book –
7 Secrets to Mind-Blowing Sex and Intimacy – some inspiration to get you started before the retreat!

This Retreat is for You and your Partner If:

You’re in a committed, stable, intimate relationship.

This retreat is not for participating with a friend or ‘practice partner’ as we are going deep into intimacy and relating as a couple – it’s for people who are in intimate relationships that are relatively stable.

You’re in a heterosexual relationship.

Due to the timing structure of the retreat with learning Yoni (vagina) and Lingam (penis) massage on different days, this retreat is suitable for heterosexual couples only.

You’re willing to invest in your relationship.

You totally get that it’s important to nurture your relationship. You see that a loving relationship and sex life can have an amazing impact on the rest of your life, and you’re willing to invest time and resources to bring more epic intimacy and sex into your daily life.

You’re ready for some new inspiration in the intimacy arena.

This retreat is for people who are open to try new things and get inspired with tools and practices to bring into their relationship. We believe there’s always more to discover and that it’s exciting to explore new parts of ourselves and each other. We are all lifelong students!

You’re relatively comfortable with nudity.

There will be nudity just for the Tantric massage practices (in flattering low light!), however each couple will have their own ‘nest’ in the room and the space is large enough that you won’t feel squashed – no one is actually looking at anyone else, they are totally focused on their own partner! At our last retreat, the couples were all surprised how comfortable and safe it felt to be naked.


This Retreat is NOT for You and Your Partner if:

Your relationship is on the verge of breaking up.

This retreat is for committed couples and should not be seen as some kind of last ditch effort to save your relationship.The retreat is not until November, so it’s important we only have couples who are pretty sure they’ll still be together in November!

One of you really doesn’t want to do it.

It’s awful to be pressured into something we don’t want. That kind of thing is not fun for anyone. You will get so much more out of this experience if you both commit to it. If one of you has massive resistance that can’t be resolved through a chat with us, it’s probably not for you.

You’re already the best lover on the planet and you have nothing more to learn or experience.

Just kidding, we think there’s always more to discover with sex and intimacy. If you don’t however – this isn’t for you. If you’re comfortable with where you’re at and not open to explore anything else, this is maybe not the retreat for you.

You don’t believe you need to prioritise your relationship and intimacy for it to be amazing.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks that relationships should just be amazing without any effort or time or dedication, this isn’t for you. We’re not a fan of hard work (the retreat is veeeeery relaxing!), but for this retreat it is important that you’re willing to create the space for you and your partner.

 You’re super uncomfortable with nudity in a space with others.

As mentioned above, all nudity is very tasteful, in low light and only during the massage experiences – but you are still in a big space with other people – even though everyone will be focused on their own partner. If you feel it would be impossible to relax in this situation, it’s probably not for you.

We were looking for something super special to reconnect for our anniversary this year and wanted to spice up our connection after so many years to keep it fresh and fun.

What did we receive from the retreat? Wow ………well it is truly impossible to put into words, but I’ll point you in the direction:

Exquisite pleasure.

A deep feeling that I have secretly known in my body existed, but never felt/ experienced before this retreat. The connection to my husband just dived deep below the surface during our time and there is an ocean awaiting us to explore, now we have been given the right equipment.

We are simply thrilled to have been blessed with the embodied experience to take home with us. This something very unique and special about Bonnie and Elise’s approach. Although my husband works away at sea for sometimes a month or so at a time, the memories of the retreat have stayed at a cellular level which we can access and pick straight up again when he returns.

To anyone considering this retreat, I would say: That love you feel when you first fall head over heels for each other CAN last a lifetime AND get better. We wish we had been taught this! Don’t wait another moment. Just do it. Somethings in life are worth more than gold and this is one of them. 

– Kristy & David, 18 years together

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we going to be naked?

Yes (see above!) but only during the massages, and in low, tasteful lighting. You’ll be so focused on your own experience that you won’t even notice the other people in the room!

Are we going to be right next to each other?

You and your partner will have your own ‘nest’ space, which is a mattress. The space is a beautiful big octagon hall, and there will be space between each ‘nest’ – so you won’t be on top of each other or feel squashed.

Do we do intimacy exercise with other couples?

Nope! We’ll have some fun fully clothed exercises to get to know each other and some Q & A and sharing sessions where you’ll hear from other people, but all the intimacy and sexuality stuff is with your own partner.

Do we have sex during the retreat?

Definitely not during any of the practices that we guide you through in the hall, the ‘furthest’ you will go is touching each others yoni / lingam with hands. However, you’re totally free to do whatever you like in your own room! 😉

Is it going to be a really out-there spiritual retreat?

We’re committed to make this experience real and relevant to you and your partner, and give you tools and practices that make sense in your daily life. Everything will be guided and explained in a way that is simple and clear for anyone – regardless of whether they are into spirituality. Having said that, you’ll definitely be having some new experiences! 😉

Will we have any free time together?

There’s a lot we want to share and guide you through together, but you’ll have meal times (with long lunches) to spend together, as well as some special time on Sunday to spend in your room doing some practices. We have also added a free night on Thursday night.

A Couple of Articles for Couples:

These articles might be interesting for you if you’re still on the fence about joining us…

Why learning sexuality stuff is actually not that weird.

Why it’s important to invest in your relationship before things get really shitty

We can’t wait to share this epic retreat with 10 amazing couples.
Are you one of them?

As we said, this retreat will sell out waaaay in advance, so if you’re feeling at all interested in joining us, please arrange a chat with us below.

We don’t take bookings for this retreat without speaking with you briefly to make sure that it feels right for you both etc. We’ll be in touch soon to talk details and answer any questions you may have!

You can speak with Elise and she will answer all of your burning questions.

To schedule a short chat with Elise click here.


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