Our Vision

Our vision is to share knowledge, tools and practices to support both men and women to experience what is truly possible through Conscious Sexuality.

This is so much bigger than making love just for physical pleasure and release.

We call this possibility Sacred Union.

An experience of true intimacy, of oneness…

Where all the walls of separation dissolve, the need to protect or defend disappears…. Where your heart breaks open…

Where you can see your partner for who they truly are….

And you remember who YOU truly are.

In this place, there is a fullness of being that is experienced and healing happens without looking for it.

In order to experience this state, both men and women need to work on their understanding of each other, on the way they see sexuality and intimacy, on the way they connect with each other and what they bring to their sexual encounters…

And that is where we come in….

Not only do we have amazing tools and practices, but we have years of experience in the realms of connection, intimacy and conscious sexuality.

This is our life work.

We didn’t just read this in a book.

We definitely did not learn this in school.

What we are sharing with you comes from years of experiences and a vivid curiosity about the power of Conscious Sexuality. Our combined decades of embodied experience forms the place from which we share this beautiful knowledge with you.


Elise Savaresse

Elise is a the co-creatress of the Yoniverse, as well as the founder of the 21 day Self Pleasure Challenge, a guided online journey into the healing power of connection & pleasure.

Elise hopes to build a society connected and empowered by Conscious Sexuality, Intimacy and Sacred Union. She has worked with hundreds of women supporting them to explore and connect with the aliveness, power and wisdom that is held in their body and especially in their yoni and has been loving sharing this knowledge with men through the Yoniverse workshops..

A self-proclaimed “cheeky Frenchie”, Elise brings joy, humour and honesty to her exploration of, and approach to sexuality and connection.


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