Becoming a mother is the most transformational
experience of a woman’s life.

Through the birthing process and Motherhood, you are irrevocably changed- emotionally, mentally, hormonally, spiritually and physically.


Did you feel honoured and celebrated through your transition?

Do you feel you were able to integrate your birth experience and the changes that occurred in your connection to your body?

Coming Home-The Mother Edition
Reconnecting after Birth

A 4 months journey to celebrate your transition into motherhood, support you to reconnect deeply with your own sense of self and discover who you have become.

All too often in our society, Mothers are not given the grace to enquire and explore this massive transition (and each birth is a unique experience of its own).

You are expected:
To get your body back,
Your sex drive back,
To get back to work,
And to be social again…

 In our society, there is this unspoken expectation for things to go “back to normal”.

Something massive has happened.
You have changed!
In incomprehensible ways…

Your body is different, YOU are different.
What if you took the time to meet who you are now,
And who you are becoming.
What if you took the time to get to know this heart, this body, this Yoni as new and just as worthy of love.

Something that is often not talked about is the grieving process that happens as we become mothers.

Yes, we “should” be happy as we have a newborn baby on our arms but we also require space and time to let go of who we were, what we were capable of and what our body looks like and feels like?

When this process is given its due space, then and only then can we open fully to the joy of the new.

This is part of the transition from Maiden to Mother.

Coming Home- The Mother’s Edition

is about really acknowledging and celebrating this transition on a heart, emotional and spiritual level; but also on a real physical, tangible level.

Hi, I am Elise Savaresse and I have been offering Yoni Massage to women for the past 10 years, and sex education about the Yoni to both men and women for the past 6 years.

I gave birth to my daughter in January 2019 and I feel I am still in the process of becoming a Mother.
Every new stage as she grows I feel grief at the time that has passed , joy at sharing this life with her and anticipation of all that we still have to experience together.

I feel that Mothering is a continual dance of grieving and rejoicing.

After giving birth I remember feeling deep grief and loss at the lack of acknowledgment of my transition into Motherhood. The lack of genuine inquiry from some of the people around me about who I had become made me feel unseen and a bit lost.

I felt the pressure of feeling like I had to hurry up to heal, to get back into work and have a thriving sex life (maybe even more so as a sex educator).

On top of that, my birthing experience felt really intense on my body. I had a beautiful home-birth but the intensity of a very long labour made me disconnect from the safety I once felt deeply in my body and my Yoni. But again, who was I to complain or find it difficult to integrate when so many women do not get to experience natural birth…?

But the truth is we all need integration, acknowledgment and witnessing whatever our birth story was.

Coming Home- The Mother Edition is my response to all those feelings I felt.

It’s what I wished I had received and how I wished I had been gently guided back to reconnect with my body with the grace it required.

Becoming a mother is a massive deal.
We need support.
We need guidance.
We need holding.
All of this in a way that is not pushing but honouring of our transition; of the time that we require to unfold and reveal ourselves again.

This is a deep journey for the mamas who are ready for it but wanna travel with softness, love and holding.

It can be scary and challenging but there is no need to “push” or force your way through.

I wanna offer you a place to come as you are- a place where you don’t have to uphold any identity, where you can open to your softness and vulnerability and really allow yourself to feel all the feelings as you get to discover yourself again.

As you come home to who you have become.


We will spend time tending to your body after birth:
Breast Massage
Belly massage
Castor oil packs
Scar remediation if you had cesarean or a tear
Yoni Steaming (it’s a great practice to have in general but it is especially great for vaginal prolapse)
Yoni Massage

Celebration ritual to honour what your body went through


  • It’s for all mamas whether you have given birth a few months ago or a few years ago, it doesn’t matter. If your transition was not acknowledged and there are still remnants of disconnect or longing. This is for you.
  • It is for you if your connection to your yoni and your sexuality has been different after birth and you would like some gentle guidance and enquiry to explore and understand why.
  • It is for you if you have had an intense or traumatic birth experience like I did and you would love a space to feel all of the feelings around it so you can fully come home to yourself.
  • It is for you if you have ambivalent feelings about your Yoni since birth or even before birth; the way she looks and/or feels and would love to shift this to a loving and respectful relationship.
  • It is for you if you feel like you just haven’t had the time to reconnect since birth and you would love a container to make this a priority as you can feel your sense of self is different and needing acknowledgement.
  • It is for you if you want an intimate experience with a small group of women and feel held throughout the whole journey.

The structure of Coming Home-The Mother Edition

  • A 4 months Journey.
    I know what it’s like to be a mama- to have a sick child, a week of no sleep or just to be overwhelmed by it all and need a break.
    This length of time is to give you plenty of time to fall off the wagon, to come back again and to get exactly what you need by the time we wrap up.
  • Intimate group: Only 10 women will be invited into this experience. I want you to feel there is enough space for you to come, share, be seen and heard. This is not a container where you can just watch but one where you will be deeply held in all that you are.
  • Weekly live calls: We will gather weekly to sit in circle, share and listen to each other. Feeling a sense of “oh, I am not alone in this” is essential to our healing journey. This will also be the time that you will get to experience and practice the different massages, Yoni Streaming, Scar remediation, etc… I really want to do this together as when you do something once you are more likely to do it again and again… And all these practices should really be common self care for all women.  
  • Additional Lives that will be added to your library of videos: I will record whenever something is hot on my heart or in my yoni, whenever I feel inspired to go deeper or if I want to clarify something. You get to watch in your own time 💕
  • Additional Practices sessions on their own giving you an opportunity to catch up if you missed the original one.
  • A Mighty Network Community where we will get to share more with each other about our unfolding journey and aha moments.

This is the ceremony you deserved but never received

If it wasn’t given to you
Claim it for yourself
Give yourself this time and opportunity


We will start when our group has come together. 
Calls will be mostly on Thursdays at 4-pm

Early Bird ends on 17th of October: Upfront payment $1250
Payment plan $350/month for 4 months

Full price: Upfront payment $1650
Payment Plan $450/month for 4 months


Early Bird Bonuses:

One on One session with me at the end of our time together- Value $350

Guided Meditation- Value $44

Surprise Welcome pack with everything you need for your journey- Value $100

Extended payment plan over 6 months- Pay $240/month

Value: $494



15% of all profits will go to a family that I have been helping for over 15 years in the Philippines.
I have supported Cesilyn to go through school, built her a house and I would really like to help her start a business so she can stay where she lives.
She has been wanting to go work overseas but this would mean being away from her child. I would love to support her to stay home.

Email me if you have any questions.


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