Did you know that every woman is physically capable of experiencing
over 76 different kinds of orgasms?

Would you like to receive the map of women’s anatomy of arousal,
and know more about how to truly pleasure a woman?

Do you wish you’d received decent education about female sexuality,
not just the random bits from school, porn and internet articles?

Have you been looking for ways to deepen your intimate connection with your partner?
Or do you want to feel more sexually confident when starting your next relationship?


Discovering the Yoniverse

A ground-breaking, transformative 2 days Masterclass

JUST for men

exploring women’s anatomy of arousal, pleasure, orgasm, intimacy & relating

This revolutionary sex education workshop has been selling out all over Australia,

we’ve had more than 1000 men join us on the adventure so far!

See below for when we’re coming to a place near you…

Where did you receive your sex education from?

School?  Friends? The internet? Porn?

Have you explored what else is possible when sexuality becomes about connection, intimacy and deep states of pleasure?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about sex and relating.

We’re often just told the wrong information completely!

There’s so much more than what we get taught, or what we see online.

The thing is, we don’t always feel free to share what we really want in sex and intimacy. These are not exactly regular conversation topics we honestly dive into with our friends or co-workers. They are often not even the kinds of conversations we have with our partners!

That’s why we created this weekend masterclass for men. 

We want to give you real, practical tools and information you can use immediately to feel more confident as a lover and create an even more epic sex life.

Do yourself a massive favour and get along to this enlightening weekend!

Next level education about all things woman, it will be a day you never forget and impact you on so many areas of your life, not just deep and present connection with your intimate partner.

Yes, it is focused on modern learnings of what the vagina is and how to meet a woman and her body…. Yes, it is confronting at times. Yes, it is unique… and if you go you’ll be amazed at the upgrades in your understanding.

Seriously, if we had learnt this in year 10 or something, our lives would have been dramatically different. It’s never too late! Get on board men… you’ll love it and so will your partner.

Alex White, Men’s Coach, The Man Lab

What you’ll get out of this Masterclass…

  • You’ll have the MAP of women’s anatomy of arousal, so you’ll know your way around a woman’s pleasure anatomy better than most women do!
  • You’ll learn principles of relating and intimacy that will support you to become a more confident lover and partner.
  • You’ll open up to new possibilities of erotic exploration.
  • You’ll have a chance to let go of of unhealthy patterns in relationships or sexuality.
  • You’ll gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the women in your life.
  • You’ll learn how to give your partner (or future partner) a healing Yoni Massage.
  • You’ll have a space to ask the questions you always wanted to ask about sexuality and intimacy.
  • You’ll leave the weekend with lots of ideas, tools and practices, as well as receive a summary of the main points and the details of the Yoni Massage practice.



What you’ll Experience during the Masterclass…

  • Witness a LIVE demonstration of women’s pleasure anatomy – on an actual woman. THIS is the real anatomy lesson you wished you had in school!
  • Learn the most important principles of arousal for women – exactly how you can support your woman to experience epic pleasure beyond anything she has experienced before.
  • Receive little-known information about orgasm for women – you’ll discover things that most women don’t even know!
  • Witness a LIVE demonstration of a ‘Tantric Yoni Massage’ that you can offer to your partner – or future partner – for both pleasure and healing (A must-have skill for ANY lover of women)
  • Experience a simple yet powerful ritual that will transform the way you see women and their Yoni.
  • Share an incredible experience with a group of like-minded men.
  • Enjoy being in a space where sexuality is demystified, and conversations are real, open and engaging.

I went to one of these events recently and I can’t recommend it enough.

The women facilitating are amazingly thoughtful & considerate. This knowledge is for everyone I know!

I learned so much about myself regarding how I treat women, my own sexuality, how I approach sex and what kind of energy I put out. SO interesting!

Lloyd Browne, yoga teacher, Brisbane

What is Yoni Massage?

Yoni Massage is a powerful practice for women to discover the most intimate part of their bodies.

It is a full body massage with external and internal vaginal massage, offered in a very respectful, relaxing and loving way by a partner or a trained practioner.

There is no goal of peak orgasm – it’s an exploration, a journey for both people.

Every experience is completely unique.

What are the benefits of learning to give a Yoni Massage to a partner?

Benefits for men:

  • Feel more confident as a lover
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your partner’s body
  • Feel able to connect with her on a completely new level
  • Receive a new awareness of her inner world and pleasure zones
  • Trust that you can support your partner to release physical / sexual / emotional tension
  • Know that you have to the skills to guide your partner to states of orgasmic bliss

Benefits for your partner:

  • Give her an opportunity to let go, receive and surrender into her feminine self
  • Give her a deeper understanding and awareness of her inner world
  • Experience a new level of intimacy and trust with you
  • Learn to love her body more fully
  • Feel more relaxed, peaceful and connected to her body
  • Explore her orgasmic potential

So, are you coming to discover the Yoniverse with us?

Price: $345 – $395 Including GST

17t &18 August, 2024

Byron Bay, Australia

19 & 20 Sept, 2018

Byron Bay, Australia

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This is the kind of sexual education that SHOULD be taught to men and women as the norm, but sadly, it’s not.

Lucky for us, there are events like this that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding and appreciation of women’s sexuality.

Men, this is the kind of class you should be taking interest in if you want to become better lovers and have a deeper awareness of women’s sexuality.

Chris Kelly, Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?
A notepad and a pen, to take notes. A water bottle. Comfortable clothes you can move in (warm clothes depending on the weather)
I have never done any Tantra before, is this for me?


Yes! We are interested in making this accessible and logical for everyone. This is not traditional Tantra, but the REAL sexual education we never actually received.

Will I feel out of place?

We have a diverse range of men attending our workshops. The age range has been 18 – 70ish. We have had men from many different nationalities, some spiritual or religious and many not at all.

Many men who come are fathers. We have taught uni students, teachers, labourers, medical professionals, musicians, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, coaches, stay-at-home dads, lawyers and other corporate professionals.

It can seem a bit confronting spending the day with a group of men, but we promise you will feel comfortable at the Yoniverse.

Will it be really confronting?
We do our very best to ensure your comfort at all stages throughout the day. We apreciate this may be new territory for you and our facilitators are very skilled at making this a fun and digestable day.
Are the demonstrations really done on real women?

Yes, actual women with actual vaginas. We’re doing this properly!

This is not just a seminar where we lecture you for 8 hours and show images on a screen. You will see multiple live demonstrations. This is a great way to learn and the demonstrations have been amazing for the men who have attended this workshop so far.

I’m not in a relationship right now, would the workshop still be beneficial?

Definitely. Many men have reported that it has given them a greater understanding of women and relating, and more confidence in the bedroom. That can only be a good thing when it comes to starting a new relationship!

Can I arrive late or leave early?

Please ensure you arrive 15 minutes prior to the advertised start time, for registration.

Due to the intimate nature of this workshop, it’s important that you arrive on time, and also it’s important that you stay until the very end. We recommend you don’t make big plans for the evening after the workshop so you can have time to relax afterwards and digest the experience.

Is it going to be derogatory to men?

As much as we love and honour women, we love and honour men too. Our masterclass is built on principles of respect and mutual understanding.

I’m a total beginner / really advanced with all this stuff, is this still for me?

Yes… we have tailored this workshop to be basic WITH lots of extra stuff for more experienced people. All kinds of men come to this whole day workshop – all ages and experience levels. There’s something for everyone. Even sexuality practitioners, facilitators and relationship coaches have told us that they learned something new from the workshop.

I can just watch / read / learn stuff on the internet, why should I come to a workshop?

 Experiences in real life are so different to whatever you can find online. While there is definitely some good content out there, there’s also a lot of misinformation. We can guarantee what you learn with us is founded on many years of direct experience and practice – and we make it entertaining and enjoyable too! Plus… do you remember reading about the LIVE demonstrations? 😉


And afterwards, you might even be sending us emails like this:

As a result of the learning I experienced at ‘Discovering The Yoniverse’, last night my lover and I spent many hours in absolute bliss.

She’d never experienced anything like it, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of pleasuring her.

I wish I had this knowledge as a teenager. The time has come to share this knowledge far and wide!


We can’t wait to share this Yoniverse Masterclass with you!

Price: $349 – $395 Including GST

17t &18 August, 2024

Byron Bay, Australia

19 & 20 Sept, 2018

Byron Bay, Australia

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